Professional Artist Development Seminar & Critique with Pennylane Shen

Navigating the Art Industry: Professional Practices for Artists with Pennylane Shen

This unique 3-hour seminar is designed and instructed by industry expert Pennylane Shen for artists preparing to approach the commercial and public art industry, and ideal for fine artists of any media pursuing careers in the commercial Vancouver art market or looking to expand their exhibition repertoire.  Pennylane Shen has taught courses in Vancouver, New York and Toronto, and has condensed this introductory session from her 12-week course at Langara College, combining theory, industry experience and practical resources for the artists looking to take the next step in their careers.
The workshop will cover:
·         Presentation (portfolio, application letters, CVs, submissions, proposals)
·         Approaching the Vancouver market (gallery profiles, current trends and descriptions)
·         Alternative exhibition and marketing options (juried exhibitions, non-profit art spaces, group shows)
·         Commercial gallery procedures and guidelines (payment, contracts, shipping, framing)
·         Promotional Development (publications, websites, press releases, biographies)
·         Standard Practices (pricing, hanging, framing, documentation, editions, reproductions)

Date:   Oct 1st 2017

Time:  1:00pm - 4:00pm

Cost:   $75

You can secure your spot by purchasing this workshop online HERE or by signing up via email or telephone at | 250.300.4668 or in-person at Ellis Art Studios.

Small Group Consultation: Professional Practices for Artists with Pennylane Shen

Pennylane will be offering a small group consultation that will consist of an initial critique and discussion, marketing and promotional guidance and goal-setting. Consultations are catered to the artists’ needs however topics may include: feedback and criticism, focusing a body of work, developing promotional tools, approaching galleries, and identifying an audience. She also specializes in writing services such as: artist statements, CVs, ghost-writing, exhibition statements, proposals and press releases.  

Date:   Oct 1st 2017

Time:  5:00pm - 7:00pm

Participant Cost:   $50 (max 6 ONLY)

Audience Cost: $20

You can secure your spot by purchasing this workshop online HERE or by signing up via email or telephone at | 250.300.4668 or in-person at Ellis Art Studios.


Pennylane Shen has years of experience in one-on-one artist consultations, group seminars, writing and brand development through her company Dazed and Confucius, and has assisted many emerging and mid-career artists as they grow their profiles in the fine art industry. Dazed and Confucius has been recognized locally through seminars, as well as internationally with lectures in universities across Europe and the United States.

Pennylane holds a Master’s Degree in Visual Culture Theory from New York University and has lectured at various forums including New York, London, Toronto, Chicago and Seoul. Her publications discuss the politics of representation, gender, identity and fine art.  At Langara College, Pennylane is responsible for creating and instructing the courses: Marketing for the Fine Artist and The Photographic Concept. An avid supporter of art and wellness, she sits on the board for the Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Foundation.

For the past 5 years, Pennylane has been an associate of Bau-Xi Gallery, the longest standing commercial gallery in Canada. In the past, she has worked for Elliott Louis Gallery, Jacana Gallery and Jennifer Kostuik in Vancouver.

Pennylane manages the figurative artists’ collective Phantoms in the Front Yard, showcasing the work of prominent Vancouver artists at various pop-up locations. Founded by Pennylane and Jay Senetchko in 2009, the group has garnered critical attention with its annual exhibitions and notable guest artists.