TANGENT | Spring Show | May 5th 2018


Our Spring Show entitled “Tangent” is to encourage artists to debut new work that is a break from their current portfolio.  The premise is a collaborative approach to artistic advancement by painting just for fun and taking chances.  As a professional artist, we are often encouraged to find a style and we tend not deviate from that due to a fear of failure, or because it sells and is essential to the gallery system.  But not taking risks with art exploration can backfire as it often discourages growth which can be stagnating for our art careers.


MAY 5th, 2018

  • 10am – 5pm •


1021 Ellis Street, Kelowna, BC


Participating Artists:


Brazen Edwards

Jolene Mackie

Fiona Neal

Ketrena Schultz

Lyndsey Sky

Gail Hodgson

Jeannine Caine

and guests