Gail Hodgson

Gail has been described as a true artist of the heart. Her creativity flows through many aspects of her life. Whether she is experimenting with a new art medium, giving new life to an old piece of furniture, helping her clients decorate a room and even creating a culinary feast; you can be sure it will have a Gail flair.

As a Graduate of Grant MacEwan University in Visual Communications Graphic Design in 1988, she found her way to Kelowna and soon after, started her design business called Gail Hodgson Interior Artist. This unique art and design business specializes in oversize wall and ceiling murals, wall textures and custom art as well as interior decorating. Her work has been featured in many award winning homes in the Okanagan. Gail has also been successful in designing logos, websites and branding for commercial clients.

Gail has always been fascinated by the question; ‘what is life?’ She explores her discoveries by creating paintings with a unique abstract style. In 2005 she created a series of paintings that she called Innerverse; which expanded further; her abstract flavour and combined reflection on quantum sciences and mystical images. This became the foundation for her subsequent expression of this style of abstract art.

“My passion for painting has developed to express the organic, mysterious nature of life, the micro and macro worlds of the cosmos and sub-atomic realms. At present I am attempting to emulate the fluid nature of the universe. The latest creations feature shapes that form and dissolve, flowing movement, leaving bursts of colour. I feel so grateful to be creative every day, and excited and inspired by where my next project will take me”.