Jeannine Caine

Jeannine Caine was born in North York, Ontario. Her first serious art application was the completion of a series of etchings inspired by an HP Lovecraft novel in high school.  Upon graduation, she attended Printmaking classes at Dundas Valley School of Art; launching a series of woodcuts that integrated Celtic Knotwork. The goal of creating interwoven lines that precisely connect to create an image or symbol became a daily practice. Her grandmother influenced her creative applications through embroidery and sewing observation at a young age; which prompted her decision to then attend George Brown College in Toronto to study Apparel Pattern Drafting.

Jeannine spent many hours in the college library researching historical garment construction and learned to convert various patterns; from elizabethan gowns, frock coats, and doublets to victorian corsetry; into modern sizing. In finding a passion for historical garment construction and craftsmanship, she decided to continue her post secondary studies and applied to a three year Costume Design Program offered at The International Academy of Design in Toronto, ON.

Jeannine's most influential artistic mentors to date are Anna Vakar and Judith Foster of the Okanagan Valley.  In Jeannine Caine's most recent abstract works, each painting is not planned nor is the message predetermined; she begins by choosing colors. Upon each new layer, the painting unfolds to sometimes reveal imagery. There is a transparency throughout the layers that allows the viewer to see through windows of the development process.