Ketrena Schultz

Ketrena creates to connect to the world and to others.  Far more than a conduit for self-expression, art making has consistently been a way for Ketrena to heal through challenging times. By translating the intimacy and vulnerability of her human experience into tangible works of art, it is Ketrena’s hope that her creations will energetically serve to dispatch healing and self-discovery to her viewers.

In paintings, drawings, and installations both visceral and alluring, she brings breath to the most fundamental experiences of being human. Working figuratively and in abstraction, her art speaks to love, loss, trauma, and the search for self.

As an interdisciplinary creative, Ketrena allows her curiosity and values to lead her practice.
Though she is deeply fascinated by aesthetic, her work is not insular; Ketrena makes art to
bring attention to—and initiate critical dialogue about matters of worldly importance.
Recently, she has been brought back to an exploration of textiles and clothing design.

Alarmed by the amount of fabric off cuts that were going into the trash by a fellow designer,
Ketrena knew she could not turn a blind eye. Concerned for the future of our glorious globe, she is currently focused on sewing zero waste designs from scrap material and re-purposed fabrics under her Kelowna based clothing label, blüevarlët.