Rebekah Wilkinson


Rebekah is inspired by creativity. When she was a kid, there was an ingrained desire deep within that told her to create. Daily, she would ask her parents “What can I make?” As an adult, that desire for creativity still lingers. She loves to draw. She loves to paint. She loves to sew. She loves to write. She is inspired by beauty. But Rebekah is also inspired by others’ creative instincts. She is fascinated by what others choose to create and why they decide to create it. These creative instincts are what makes this world such an amazing place.

As Louis Armstrong once sung, “What a wonderful world.” Progress is built on creativity. Creativity opens our minds to complete understanding of different perspectives. Creativity is what makes us grow and thrive. Everyone is unique. Find your own creative voice and listen to its uniqueness and vision. Trust it. The world will be a better place if we hear your creative voice.