Selena Sced of Grey Sage Studio

Selena Sced lives with her husband and teenage boys in the breathtaking Okanagan Valley.  The valley has been her families stomping grounds since the early 1900's.  She spent her youth fishing the mountain lakes from her canoe, sailing, and hiking the hills.  Art has always been in her life and after dabbling in art school Selena found her stride in printmaking studios both in Canada and Mexico.  The vibrant, tactile experience of paint and the line and process of printmaking both make her heart sing.  She gets mucky with clay on occasion and has her hands in the dirt of the garden on most days. 

Selena is also a lover of the history trapped in old pealing paint, remnants of images left on a billboard or… in the back of her mind.  She put all of these bits onto canvas, sometimes layering lifting prints that have beautiful blurred lines like an old sailors tattoo.  Sometimes, it's just color and pattern that she adds, wipes away, and builds up again.  She is truly a maker at heart.  Always designing, plotting, and planning things that could be made with her own hands wheither it's printingmaking, painting or pottery.   Selena's hand pulled prints are a combination of the classic process of intaglio, dry point, and chine colle combined with the spontaneity of water-colour, mono print and quick lift prints.  Some images are a direct response to her natural environment but she often gravitatse to whimsy.  Selena gets jazzed about the gorgeous lines and the pops of colour that are embossed into the plump printmaking paper, it's her true love.