Wayne Wilson


Wayne Wilson was born in Lillooet, BC in a house his father built out of railway ties. He had grown up in the Okanagan (Oliver) and, after moving around British Columbia as a school teacher, Wayne moved back to the Okanagan (Kelowna) in the 1960s.  He has worked as a cowboy, truck driver, lounge singer, purchasing agent, college professor, film and talking book narrator and at many other jobs but has spent most of his career in the Museum field and loved every day of that work.

Sketching and other artwork have been part of his life since he was a teenager, and he's taken a sketchbook and paints with him wherever he goes.  Landscape and panoramic imagery clearly dominates Wayne Wilson's current art work. For the most part, this grew out of a strong notion that there is something attractively primal in the panoramic format. The eye, sweeping side to side, pays a kind of homage to the horizon – and in every culture, it seems the horizon both pushes and pulls us to its brink and beyond. Some of his other compellingly strong tendencies however, are more strongly drawn toward the eclectic and bring influences from still life and the abstract.

As a geographer by training, it has always struck Wayne that the nature of space and/or place are never merely important to the expression of who we are; they are critical.  Wayne tries to find that in his art; to distil the place and reveal its own rhythm.