MASTERCLASS -  Mastering Acrylics I & II with David Langevin

MASTERCLASS - Mastering Acrylics I & II with David Langevin

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MASTERCLASS -  Mastering Acrylics I & II with David Langevin

This 3 day workshop is designed for artists with painting experience in oils, acrylics, or even watercolors.  Acrylic paints are relatively new and how to use them effectively is still a challenge for many artists.  Techniques that are successful when using oil paints or watercolors do not often yield good results when applied to acrylic paints.  This is because the physical and chemical properties of the synthetic acrylic paints are unique.  

In this workshop the focus will be on learning the specific properties of acrylics and how you can use them to achieve fantastic results.  Luminosity, colour intensity, and mastering the transparent and translucent techniques of glazes and veils will be emphasized.

You will learn the lost principles of brilliant, luminous, colour effects followed by the greatest painters for 5 centuries, from Van Eyck to Van Gogh.  Almost everything you have been taught about how to put your paintings together is surprisingly different from how these master artists constructed their work.  Moreover, with today’s superior paints and mediums, including the newer acrylics, we are able to create effects that would be the envy of all those famous artists.

Learn everything you need to know to master acrylic painting:  Do you have questions about the differences between oils and acrylics; which mediums to use; what quality or brand of paints are best; how to create great texture effects using gel mediums; which brushes are best for acrylics?,...

Come prepared to take notes, ask questions, and to paint.

Date:   Oct 18-20th 2024 

Time:  9:00am - 4:00pm

Cost:   $425

Workshop Location:

Ellis Art Studios
1021 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC V1Y 1Z3

You can secure your spot by purchasing this workshop online.  If you have any questions, you can contact us at | 778.300.7699.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:
A supply list will be provided.  You may withdraw 2 months prior to the workshop start date and receive a full refund.  No refunds will be allowed after this date.



About The Instructor

David Langevin’s dramatic renditions of the Canadian wilderness and his bold ‘tree portraits’ have become almost as familiar as the subject they depict. His art is represented in galleries across the country and has inspired many nature lovers, artists, and of course, collectors. Moreover, his striking use of light and unique painting methods have creating a captivating vision of this country’s landscape that has even influenced the way many art lovers and collectors of his work view those same subjects; a hike in the forest or the mountains is never the same for those who have come to know Langevin’s imagery.

Langevin seems unrestrained by any limitations to his artistic expression. Whether the source of his inspiration is landscapes, “treescapes,” or the human form, they all carry the signature of his rare talent and vision.

David Langevin is a modern day Old Master – an impeccable craftsman, an innate talent.
“When I looked at the paintings  of the Old Masters I saw in their  work something that I did not  see in modern art. Nothing in  my education or experience as a  painter could help me  understand how they achieved the effects that they did. I wanted that. I wanted to know I could achieve any effect that I could imagine. I wanted complete expressive freedom…”

After finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Ottawa, David spent several years perfecting his painting skills. He pored over old texts, treatises, and manuscripts stored in the backrooms of art restoration departments and libraries reserved for conservationists. David obtained a Masters in Art Education degree from McGill University, specializing in methods and materials for the painter.

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Since 1992, he has been living in British Columbia where he finds an endless supply of inspiration for his art. David gives lectures, writes a regular technical column for painters, consults, and conducts workshops on painting materials and techniques. His paintings are sold in galleries across Canada.